TAK WonDae

- Prime Minister Award at the 48th Republic of Korea Crafts Exhibition

- 39th Korea Art Competition (National Exhibition) Excellence Award

- 5th Korea Buncheong Ceramics Grand Prize

- Grand Prize at the 21st Gyeongsangnam-do Tourism Souvenir Contest

- 5th Gimhae Craft Competition Grand Prize

- Grand Prize at the 7th and 8th Gimhae Tourism Souvenir National Contest

- Chicago Prak - sis Gallery Invitational Exhibition

- Japan Arita Hakubaseon Gallery Special Exhibition

- Local Artist Lighting Exhibition - Clayarch Gimhae Museum of Art

- 3 solo exhibitions by I-Ring Gallery

- Woorim Ceramic Art Ceramic Pattern Research Conference 3 times

- Invited artist at the Korea Art Awards

- Gyeongnam Mecenat Selected Artist

- Jury member of the 7th and 10th Korea Buncheong Ceramics Competition

- 2021 Busan Metropolitan City Skill Competition Judge

Our story

As always, spring comes and seasons pass.

As a child, my dream was to draw a genre painting.

My dream, which was hanging somewhere in the cloud hanging at the foot of the mountain, 

ran with excitement one day when I met ceramics.

“If I paint on that porcelain, the painting will live for a thousand years.”

So I walked into the story of the soil and fire.

It is not easy to touch the soil, 

but the infinite world of ceramics is a heartbreaking event that made 30 years pass like a gift to me.

If I were to engrave a pattern on a pot that resembles a round moon, I would think of something like this.

It was definitely completed at my fingertips, but I don't know where it started and ended.

I discover the continuity of infinity in a limited space.

It can contain any shape, color, even heart...

As always, spring comes and seasons pass.



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